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fan praise & accolades

Some buzz from our firefly fans...

Catching Fireflies is the best gift shop because it is so much more than just a place to buy presents. It is a place to bond while you peruse the accessories and kitchen gadgets with you mom or sister-in-law. It is a place for talented local artists to shine and get noticed in this difficult Michigan economy. It is a place to find friendly customer service no matter what you are looking for. It is a place to give fuel to your imagination as you dream up decor for your holiday party, accessories to give your best friend to celebrate her new job, or the perfect picture frame for your sister's freshly-painted nursery. It is one of the few places to find fun items to break the ice with your new father-in-law (exploding golf balls, anyone?) It is a place you would have dreamed of going to as a child, and where you can now take your own children. Finally, it is a place that shows the hard work, dedication, creativity and heart of its founders and employees. - Karyn Evans

I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with ordering items through catching fireflies.com.  I ordered some items on Monday and received them yesterday- that is absolutely fantastic!  The little gifts with the personally written postcard were a very nice touch.  Keep up the good work. - Marianne Seabrook

Catching Fireflies equals FUN, FUN, FUN! Being new to the area, I just discovered Catching Fireflies this past holiday season. I love the total package! From a FUN place to shop to find FUN cards, FUN gifts for every occassion, FUN treats for myself to a FUN Blog I read daily with FUN craft ideas, FUN recipes, FUN websites, FUN places to visit, FUN musicians and artists. Thanks for adding more FUN to my life.  - Cathy

Sugar bears,fun baby stuff, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays (esp. my favorite, Christmas), Catching Fireflies lights up my face, my gift list, my imagination!! You are the best ideas-inspirations-gadgets-gift shop I've ever seen!! - Nancy Schmidt

Catching fireflies is a place that makes me happy!! On a dreary winter day looking at pretty windchimes and "hanging things" as I call them that help me to remember spring and summer are coming soon. Its a place where I can always find the BEST gift for special teachers, friends and family as well as a little something for ME to brighten my day. Its a place where you can listen to upcoming musicians and view cool functional art. Its a place where I can take my 10 year old daughter when she gets a great report card and get her a special treat. Its also a place to enter contests for shopping sprees and get a special discount on your birthday and If you order from the website its a place that throws in an extra special touch like a pretty purse mirror to make your day. Catching fireflies is the sort of place that sends you a lovely postcard after your visit to thank you for coming in and simply to wish you a nice day. Its a lovely place that just begs to be explored. Everyone should come take a look, visit with the store felines and get a friendly hello from the staff. Catching fireflies is one of my favorite places! - Annette M.

Thank you so much for sending my order quickly and in good shape! The time you took to include the appreciation baggy will ensure that I return to your website. You had me at the Smarties, but I also love the CF mirror and clip magnets. Gotta say I’ve shopped online for years due to difficulty actually getting around and to the unique things I can find. Your handwritten note made me a lifelong fan. - Cindy Phiffer

Not only does your store have the best and most unique gifts, the staff is unlike anywhere else. Last Thursday I needed to buy a gift for a friend's new baby but was in a huge hurry to pick up my son from school. I called ahead and Cheyrl already had the teddy bear growth chart gift-wrapped and ready to go for me, with a smile. I literally ran in, paid, and ran out. When I first told my husband about the store a few years back, he said something like "sounds like a place for women to waste money", but after several experiences like this one, he has conceded that it is a great store.  - Paula

I LOVE your stores!!!! Anytime I need a unique, and special giftable - I think of Catching Fireflies!! even for Me! Last year for Mother's Day -I forwarded an e-mail from you to my kids - and somehow my 16 yr. old son got stuck shopping for me. He went into the Rochester Store - and they treated him like a king!! They even remembered him, when I went in a few weeks later and mentioned it - It was very cool!! - Keep doing what you do best!! -Suzanne Jendrusch

Whenever the daily stresses of life start to get to me, my place to go is Catching Fireflies. I enjoy my time there so much that if my husband starts to sense I need a break from him and the kids, he'll suggest I take a break and go shopping at Catching Fireflies. It's always an enjoyable, relaxing, fun experience. I love just to wander around and see what great finds are there! - Laura Shrake

Anytime I enter the store I feel happy. The store is so full of life and fun stuff and I always purchase something new & exciting. - Koren Russo

Catching Fireflies has the most creative and unique giftware of anywhere I've been. I am an art teacher and an artist, and I am continually impressed by the quality of the items available in your store. Not only do I purchase gifts for friends (and for myself) on a regular basis, I often find myself coming in just to browse when I need "alone time" away from my children. I always know that even if I don't purchase anything, I will laugh out loud at least once and leave with a smile on my face. Thank you for being this mom's "adult entertainment!!" - Sue Smyk