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classic 6 dice farkel

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Roll 'em, add 'em up, and then put it all on the line to try and win big!

In this classic dice-rolling game, players put their luck and judgement skills to the test with each and every roll of the dice.

On your turn, roll the six dice using the padded container and then set aside any numbers that will give you points:

Ones for 100 points, Fives for 50 points, three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, three pairs, two triples, a straight flush, four-of-a-kind with a pair, or six of any number.

After setting aside any point-worthy dice, you get to roll the remaining dice to see if you can rack up more. Earn points with all six dice and you get to roll them all over again for even more points.

But be careful! – No matter how many points you've racked up for your turn, if after any roll none of the dice give you any points – FARKEL!! – You earn no points for that turn!

Keep taking turns for as long as it takes. The game ends after one player breaches 10,000 points. Everyone gets one last turn – Whoever racks up the most points wins!

Fast-paced, fun, and great for honing basic math skills, the Six-Dice Classic Farkel game is sure to become an instant family favorite.

Six-Dice Classic Farkel

  • Classic game of rolling dice and taking risks to rack up the most points
  • Encourages logic, judgement skills, basic math skills
  • An instant family game night favorite
  • On your turn, roll the 6 dice, set aside any that earn you points
  • Keep rolling remaining dice to try to win more points – But don't push your luck!
  • If at any time a roll results in 0 points, you lose all your points for that turn
  • Once a player reaches 10,000 points, everyone gets one last turn
  • Player with the most points wins
  • Includes 6 dice, padded shaker cup, score pad
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High quality materials – Lasting durability, exceptional game-play

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