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iris honey stain beneficial bug hotel

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Your Polinators and Beneficial Bugs need a home in your garden! Our Beneficial Bug Hotels are a fun and practical addition to your home garden. They are perfect for kids to learn about organic farming, predatory insects, and polinators. The hotels harbor beneficial bugs that keep insects such as aphids off our plants. Polinators use the hotels to develop from egg to adulthood, where they can facilitate the reproduction of flowering plants! Help host these essential species right in your garden!

  • Essential for Home & Organic Gardening!
  • All Natural Materials
  • Beneficial Predatory Bugs Keep Smaller Insects off Plants
  • Great Project for Kids
  • Polinators Need a Home in Your Garden!
  • Size: 14.25" x 5.5" x 4.75"

Multi-Chamber Design

Attract a larger variety of beneficial insects to help with all of your plant needs. The pollinators that utilize this house are solitary bees. Unlike honeybees they do not have a queen or hive to protect and are very docile and non-aggressive, meaning that these insects can coexist.

Easy-Clean Chamber

Allows customizing of chamber contents and easy clean out of any unwanted pests. Customize your insect house by collecting pine cones, twigs, dried leaves, bark, or straw to put in this chamber for its inhabitants - this is also a great project for kids!

Where to hang your insect house

Place your insect house as close as possible to the area you are wanting the insects' help pollinating and protecting, or where you have noticed the desired insects' activity - a flower bed, garden, or blossoming trees or bushes.

The insects prefer a warn, dry place protected from the wind and rain with exposure to plenty of sunlight. Morning sun is important; it gets the insects warmed up and out earlier each day and helps with an earlier hatch for the bees in the spring. The house should be hung at about eye level on a secure fence or arbor post to keep it from moving too much when windy. Be sure that the front of the house is facing away from the typical incoming rain patterns in your area.

When initially putting up a new insect house, be patient! Monitor the insect house for a few weeks for any activity, and be aware of what insects are in your garden or landscape. Remember, most insects will be out foraging and pollinating during the day and may not return to the house until nightfall. If after a few weeks of close monitoring you do not notice any wanted insect activity, the location may not be suitable. Take another look around your garden or yard and re-locate your insect house to another sunny location for another try.

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