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Magnetic Thinking Putty 4"

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When a strong magnet is held close to our Quicksilver Thinking Putty, you probably won't feel anything at first. Fear not. Close your eyes and count to five. Pop! WOW! This is strong stuff. The strength will continue to increase as the magnetic field expands throughout the entire piece of putty over time.

Once Quicksilver is charged by a magnet, you can flip it backwards to feel it actively repel the magnet. Hold it in place against the repulsion and count to five. Pop! The magnetic poles of the Thinking Putty flip again and it morphs from repulsion to attraction.

What can Quicksilver do? Here are just some of the many tricks you can do using our Super Magnetic Thinking Putty:


  • Attract a magnet or other pieces of Quicksilver.
  • Repel a magnet and then attract it back again.
  • Pick up lightweight metal objects.
  • Lock a tendril in space against gravity.
  • Reveal the shape of the field lines emanating from a permanent magnet.
  • Move, roll, and lift a magnet from a distance.
  • Melt around a magnet and the putty will actually lift it off the table.


Contains a super strong magnet--intended for ages 8 and up.

Made in the USA.


Size: 4" x 4" (tin)





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