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secret santa


secret santa gift ideas


1.  Surprise you secret santa partner with something fun & practical like cupcake flavored floss.  After eating all those ooey-gooey holiday treats, they'll thank you for thinking of them. $4.95

2.  This incredibly tasty milk chocolate bar has all the advice you need to make it through the holiday season... including eating more chocolate.  This is a secret santa gift that will get a good laugh & satisfy an afternoon craving. $4.99

3.  Who has time to dream about fairies & sugar plums around the holidays?  This funny magnet designed by Anne Taintor portrays a far more desirable dream... now if it would just come true.  $5.00


4.  Holiday season giving you a headache?  Slip one of these in your shower for a short spa getaway.  $3.95

5.  Add a little French flair to your morning breakfast by stamping your bread before you pop it in the toaster. $3.95

6.  Looking for a great secret santa gift for a friend who causes some mischief around the office?  Slip them these fun & flavorful toothpicks.  $2.95


7.  Crazy for cupcakes?  These cute containers make it easy to pack them for a lunch.  Maybe you can surprise your secret santa by including a cupcake inside the container as part of your gift.  $4.95

8.  It wouldn't be Christmas without creamy cocoa & Rudolph's favorite is some of the best.  It would be even a cuter secret santa gift paired with some homemade marshmallow stirrers.  $1.95

9.  How do you show your holiday spirit?  We think this jingle ring makes the perfect December accessory. $3.95


10.  Keep your lips moist & flavorful with this yummy chocolate chip cookie flavored lip balm.  $2.95

11.  Dreaming of a white Christmas?  It can be all yours simply by adding a cup of water to this can of snow.  $4.95

12.  Time travel back to the good ole days of fruit stripe gum.  It may not hold its flavor like today's gums, but those first few minutes are juicilicious! $1.50