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wine lovers

wine lover gift ideas with a unique twist

These great gift ideas for wine lovers can be as useful as they are unique and whimsical. Our wine lover gift ideas are great for the wine lover on your list who is difficult to buy for or simply has everything. Truth be told, they don't have wine lovers gifts like ours.


1. Wineglass Top Appetizer Plates for guests with only two hands! These concaved 4" appetizer plates made from Acacia wood fit neatly atop a wine glass, freeing up another hand. Great gift idea for wine lovers (and the gift giver, too)!

2. Chill your wine to the perfect temperature with this pretty and practical corkcicle.  $24.95

3. Serve no wine before it's time with this nifty Wine Bottle Thermometer. This great gift idea for wine lovers displays the current temperature of a bottled wine and provides a guide for proper temperatures for Chablis, White Zinfandel, Port and others.


4. If you enjoy cooking with wine... and sometimes even use it the food, this sauced wine glass was made for you!  It measures in cups and sips so you'll be prepared for any recipe or mood you're in.  $15.95

5. Wrap up a bottle of your friend's favorite wine, hang this Group Therapy Wine Bottle Tag around it's neck and personally deliver. The humor - and the hint - will not be lost on the recipient and you'll no doubt be invited to share a glass or two.

6. Whimsy meets wine. This darling wine glass reads, "I am fairly certain given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world." Arrives packaged in a matching reusable gift tin.


7. The Little Black Journal of Wine is a wine lover's record keeper!  Interior pages feature a Guide to judging wines; from appearance (hue and legs), nose (smell), taste (body & texture) & finish (balance), space for tasting notes (full page given for each wine) and a glossary of terms. Only 7.5" x 4.5" x .75," this wonderful wine lover gift idea is great for giving as well as receiving.

8. With this whimsical clock, anytime is wine time whick is A-O-K with us!  A must have time piece for anyone who loves their glass of grape. $59.95

9. Add a pack of Exquisite Taste Napkins with your favorite bottle of red or white for a charming housewarming gift.