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making days brighter

making days brighter

The Silly Stones Story

While weeding our Catching Fireflies' courtyard in Ann Arbor, we spotted a curious group of stones staring up at us and couldn't help but to smile.  Although we never found out who the muse was that made our day brighter, we were inspired to spread a little silliness of our own with some help from you.

spreading silliness

Our hope is these silly stones will start showing up in paths of people who could use a smile.  Whether you found it on a planter in a downtown, a stair step at the library, left with a tip at a restaurant or maybe it popped up on your desk at work... we'd love to hear from you!   We invite you to post pictures and stories on social media using #makingdaysbrighter so we can start sharing how and where smiles are being spread.  You can also email us at service@catchingfireflies.  

silly stones

Who could your silly stone give a surprise smile to next?  We encourage you to pass it on or purchase more at any Catching Fireflies location or online HERE.  By purchasing these stones, you are also making a difference because we are donating all the profits from this project to Lifebuilders Detroit.  It's just one way we hope to make days brighter outside our store doors.  Thank you for joining us in this happy endeavor.  

Stories and photos from you coming soon!