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cat lover


gifts for cat lovers


1.  Didn't you always wonder how cats could maneuver into all those crazy shapes?  They practice cat yoga of course!  These hilarious postcards will have any cat lover laughing out loud.  $9.99

2.  Cat lovers agree that there is nothing like a cuddled up cat in your lap purring like a little motor boat.  Just another reason why this motto rings true $9.95

3.  A hot cup of coffee mixed with a few kitty hairs is all a cat lover needs to get going in the morning.  That's why this silly mug makes a perfect gift for a cat lover. $14.95


4.  Anyone who owns a kitty knows that sarcasm is one skill they have mastered & this funny magnet is a perfect example.  $5.00

5.  Want to know the secret to living a good life?  Laugh, love & purr pretty much covers it.  This handmade frame has been one of our top gifts for cat lovers. $36.50

6.  This kitty flour sack dish towel is cute, but it's also very practical.  It's super absorbent & dries dishes in a flash. $9.95


7.  What's cuter than kissing kitties?  This sweet salt & pepper set definitely belongs on a cat lover's dining table.  $13.95

8.  Another great cat tip to live by ~ cuddle up with someone your love.  Clip a photo of your favorite felines & keep this magnetic reminder on your fridge or file cabinet.  $10.00

9.  We have a feeling if a cat's meow could be translated this is what it'd be "Is it dinner time yet?"  This cute clock designed by Michelle Allen will help any cat lover be reminded when it's time to feed the kitties. $57.95