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clever gift ideas for co workers


1.  This humorous sticky note pad designed by Anne Taintor will bring a big grin to your co-worker's face and definitely lighten the mood during 'those kind of days' $4

2.  Surprise your co-worker with gift that useful & fun.  These sweet smelling hi-liters will make reviewing reports a bit more pleasant. $5.95 

3. Aid in helping your co-worker stay organized with this cute little password organizer.  It's small enough to keep safe in a locked drawer or travel with you in your handbag or briefcase. $7.95


4.  Fill this inspiring doodad jar designed by Curly Girl with paper clips, candies or rubberbands for a thoughtful gift for your co-worker. $9.95

5.  Your co-worker's screen would stay squeaky clean with the help of this dust bunny. Its chamois tummy cleans and reduces static on all your screens and monitors-always leaving a zesty hint of lemon in the air.  $11.95

6.  Add a little bit of color & whimsy to your co-worker's desk by surprising them with this super cute snail tape dispenser.  $16.50


 7. This playful putty could help bring forth brilliant ideas from your co-worker's brain storming sessions. (maybe you should grab a can for you too) $14.95

8.  Does your co-worker need to let off some steam now and then?  Assist them in their venting by giving them this funny dammit doll. $13.95

9.  Surprise a bunch of your co-workers by sneaking silly eyes onto their boring office accessories with these quirky emergency googly eyes. $8.95


10.  Let this kitschy unicorn magically make your pencils sharp!  $6.95

11.  Want your business cards to stand out from the rest?  This humorous handmade utensil sculpture will definitely do the trick!  $27.95

12.  Who doesn't need a sugar fix now and then?  Fill this giant glass pill container with your favorite sweets to get you through the work day.  $25.95