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gifts for hard to buy for dads


1.  Dad can pour all his loose change into this fuel gauge bank that measures how much coinage has built up over time.  Also a great gift for a guy that likes cars.  $16.95

2.  How manly is your dad?  Have fun finding out by having him take this test full of questions like:  (multiple choice) A bear is about to attack you. You should...  and (True/False) Your chances of surviving a plane crash improve 40% by sitting towards the front. $12.99

3.  A guy's gotta keep his traveling tolietries somewhere... so why not store them in this oh-so-handsome and handy man bag?  $16.95

gifts for dads who like to rock


4.  If your dad can shred on a guitar & grill a good burger or steak, this stainless steel guitar shaped spatula has his name written all over it. $21.95

5. While the pasta sauce is simmering, your dad can bounce out a few beats with these dual purpose mix stix.  A great gift for a dad that can rock a drum set & roll out a delicious dinner. $12.95

6.  For all fans of heavy metal music and hot & juicy steaks.  Dad can listen to his favorite tunes while turning over his manly cut of meat with this rockin' bbq fork. $21.95


golf gifts for dads


7. Give your golf loving dad the gift of laughter by letting him prank his friends with funny golf balls that don't putt straight & explode on impact. $3.95 each

8. Give dad a place to keep all his winning scorecards from past great golf games with this practical scorecard keeper. $14.95

9.  Dad can dream about his next vacation when he flips through the pages of this beautiful book. $22.95


grilling gift ideas for dads


10.  Let dad brand his signature into his super tasting steaks before serving them up to friends & family.  Dad can spell anything he wishes with the personalized branding iron.  $21.95

11.  Since dad has mastered the art of cooking meat on the grill, give him the tools to take the art of BBQ to the next level with this Grills Gone Wild book.  $12.95

12.  Making kabobs will never be the same after dad experiences how easy it is to use firewire.  No more fumbling around trying to turn the kabobs on the grill or having pieces of vegetables fall off the end. Firewire is a perfect addition to dad's collection of bbq tools. $9.95


gifts for dads from kids


13.  Let dad know that he rocks with this handmade photo magnet.  Make it even more special by including a favorite picture. $10.00

14.  Get ready to thumble with some serious thumb wrestling action.  This ring makes it official... now you just need to find a referee & two opponents to fight for the title!  $7.95

15.  This saying is so simple, but so true.  Remind dad with every cup of coffee how much you love him. $14.95


gifts for sport loving dads


16.  Being a great dad is a lot like coaching a winning team so it's not surprising that this book is chock full of quotes that will give your dad even more wisdom.  $12.95

17.  Does your dad bleed blue or green?  Get his morning off to a winning start by filling up his team's mug with his favorite brew.  $15.95

18.  Is the definition of summertime mean baseball & BBQ for your dad? How about slipping a few tickets in this Tigers book for a memorable father's day gift?  $15.95


sentimental gift ideas for dads


19.  Give your dad the opportunity to share his story with you in this handsome journal.  Inside are questions to prompt some of the best stories of his life.  Once filled out, this gift truly turns into a valuable keepsake for the whole family $11.95

20.  Do you think your dad deserves a trophy for being the Best Dad Ever?  How about letting him know what you think by giving him a handmade picture frame with his favorite photo in it? $33.50

21.  Don't know to turn your loving thoughts about dad into words?  Let this beautiful book take care of that job for you.  Simply insert a photo in the cover for a memorable personalized gift.  $15.95