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dog lover


gifts for dog owners


1.  Fantastic photos of your furry family members deserve to be preserved in fabulous frames like this handcrafted one that reads, Laugh Love Bark. $36.50

2.  Love your furry friend & want everyone to know it?  This super cute car magnet was made for you.  Also fun for your fridge or any other magnetic surface you can dream up. $8.95

3.  Dry your dishes or hands in a snap with this super absorbent dog themed flour sack towel.  A great addition to a kitchen of any dog owner.  $9.95


4.  Artist Krista Brooks creates fantastic faux advertisements inspired by different dog breeds.  She offers a wide variety of canines making them fantastic dog breed gifts. $21.95

5.  Any dog lover knows a house isn't a home until there's a furry four legged friend rushing to greet you when you return home.  This sweet hand crafted sentiment makes a great housewarming or new puppy gift.  $19.95

6.  Do you ever wonder what really goes through your dog's head?  This artful & humorous book would look lovely on any dog lover's coffee table. $14.95


7.  All dogs know they got this going for them and it usually works as an excuse every time.  This cute & true bandana can fit almost all size dogs depending on how it's folded.  $8.95

8.  Doesn't this magnet say it all?  A great reminder for any family who loves their dog dearly.  $5.00

9.  What's cuter than kissing puppies?  These sweet magnetic salt & pepper shakers belong on every dog lover's dining table.  They come in a wide variety of canines making them unique dog breed gifts. $13.95