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girl 5+


great gift ideas for girls over 5


1.  A locked diary is a classic girl's gift.  Every gal needs a special place to record what's on their mind, who they have a crush on or big dreams they want to achieve. $10.95

2.  This portfolio kit would be the perfect gift for girls who have dreams of being a fashion designer.  Just add a pack of colored pencils & she'll squeal with delight. $9.95

3.  Who doesn't love lip gloss, especially when it tastes like frosting? This little goody makes a sweet gift for a girl who likes to have her cake & eat it too. $2.95


4.  Wear your thoughts & dreams on your wrist with these great message bracelet kits that you can personalize to say whatever you want whenever you want. $13.95

5.  Bling out your bike wheels with some old school style using these spokin' bike decorations. $9.95

6.  This friendship bracelet maker simplifies the process of creating pretty presents for your girlfriends.  It even comes with a wonderful assortment of colored thread so you can start making beautiful bracelets right away.  $24.95


7.  Join the mustache craze with this silly pencil topper.  Maybe if you wear this sneaky diguise, the teacher won't call you you!  $3.95

8.  Young girls will have a blast drawing tattoos on themselves & friends alike.  A wonderful birthday gift for a girl who is celebrating by having a slumber party. $16.95

9.  Remember scratch-n-sniff stickers?  They're back and cuter than ever!  They make a great little extra gift for a girl. $2.95 each (small sticker books are also available)


10.  Bake up some sweet cupcakes & look super cute in this adorable apron set. $24.95

11.  Turn small drawings into pretty pendants & charms with this cool shrinking craft kit.  $8.95

12.  Spark your little girl's imagination with this pocket doodle book.  It's filled with pages of prompts for her to draw whatever her imagination can dream up.  $9.95