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gift ideas for grandpas that have everything


1.  Strap this handy magnet around grandpa's wrist & he won't have to worry about bending over to find a dropped screw or nail when working on a project around the house.  $18.95

2.  Your grandpa will get a kick out of reading all kinds of juicy information about our past presidents.  He'll definitely have some interesting information to share with his coffee shop buddies after spending some time in this fascinating book.  $16.95

3. These whiskey rocks will keep your grandfather's drink cool without watering down the taste.  Makes a wonderful gift for grandfathers who like to treat themselves to some fine scotch or whiskey. $25.95


sentimental gifts for grandpa


4.  Give grandpa the opportunity to share his story with you in this handsome journal.  Inside are questions to prompt some of the best stories of his life.  $11.95

5.  Celebrate a life well lived with this handmade license plate sign.  You can also order a custom saying or word for an additional $10.00.  $42.95

6.  Frame a photo of 2 to 3 generations of the fellows that grandpa can put on his desk or in his den.  You can also personalize this frame with your own saying or word for an additional $3.00.  $33.50


grandpa gifts from the kids


7.  Give your grandpa a good laugh by stocking his medicine cabinet with a tin of these hilarious mustache bandages.  $5.95

8.  This saying is so simple, but so true.  Remind grandpa with every cup of coffee how much you love him. $14.95

9.  Learn more about your grandpa with a little help from this great deck of cards that prompt story telling. $8.95


fun gift ideas for grandpa


10.  Who knew toothpicks could be so fun?  Surprise grandpa with some bacon flavored toothpicks & I'm sure you'll get him to chuckle.  $2.95

11.  If your grandpa likes his tabasco sauce, treat him to some hot habanero popcorn. $2.95

12.  This head massager may look silly, but it will give your grandpa chills up & down his back like he never felt before $7.95