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great hostess gift ideas


1. Give a good laugh and practical spray that will eradicate any poo smells that try to escape your hostess' loo with some poo-pourri $9.95

2. Let your hostess unwind after the party by taking a long hot shower with lavender, citrus or eucalyptus infused steam from a shower burst $3.95

3. Turn any empty wine bottle into an instant candle holder with one of these clever wine cork candles.  $9.95


4. Create an airtight seal that can go from the freezer to the stove to the table.  These magical silicone lids are a must have accessory for any kitchen.  Starting at $8.95 (comes in a variety of sizes & styles)  $6.95

5. Your hostess will never want to go back to her plain-jane dish cloths after using one of these super absorbent and quick drying swedish styles.  $6.95

6. Spice up the typical party conversations with this box filled with 135 questions to spark interesting discussions. $25


7.  These amusing mustache drink clings will keep party goers drinks straight & are sure to get some grins. $75.95

8. Chill your wine to the perfect temperature with this pretty and practical corkcicle.  $24.95

9. Bring your favorite bottle of red & pair this blinged out beaded wine stopper for your gracious hostess. $13.95


10. Add to your hostess' dessert line up by bringing a plate of cookies with this cute wooden spoon tied on top. $9.95

11. Glam up the duty of doing dishes after the party with these sassy leopard gloveables. $14.95

12. This flour sack towel is cute & dries dishes in an instant.  A perfect & pretty gift for a busy hostess.  $9.95


13. Surprise your hostess with a bunch of wishes.  This kit provides quite a memorable party moment when all the guests light their wishes & they float in the air a bit. Great for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. $10.95

14. Everybody needs a little help from Santa and a cranberry lime margarita won't hurt either :-)  $8.95

15. Let your host know that you 'drink well with others' by bringing these funny napkins to your next cocktail party.  $5.50


16.  If you want to get a good giggle or grin, let the bird serve toothpicks to your party guests.  $8.50

17.  Spruce up your hostess' spreader collection by adding these beautiful beaded ones to the mix.  $17.95

18.  Turn any rustic loaf into delicious garlic bread with this tasty seasoning.  $12.95