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unique gift ideas for men


1.  Give your guy a good laugh & make your bathroom smell better with this hilarious Heavy Doody toliet spray.  Simply spray it into the toilet before you do your business & it'll keep unpleasant odors at bay.  $9.95

2.  Your guy can fill up his tank every morning with go-go juice to get him through the day. $13.95

3.  Every charming & funny guy always needs a few jokes in his back pocket.  Add to his library with this chock full book of clever jokes. $9.95

humorous gift ideas for men


4.  Give your guy a good laugh all while enjoying the benefits of a fine smelling man to snuggle up with this handcrafted sex machine soap.  $5.95

5.  Coolness Graphed is the most clever take on what is cool and not cool on zombies, suits, ponytails and more! 12.95

6.  Feed your local wildlife population and be entertained with this silly squirrel bungee feeder that is sure to bring many laughs.  $15.95


gift ideas for guys who like libations


7.  If your guy is known to party hardy, slip him a tin of these humorous mints to help make the day after a bit more bearable.  $3.95

8.  These whiskey rocks will keep your drink cool without watering down the taste.  Makes a wonderful gift for guys who like to treat themselves to some fine scotch or whiskey. $25.95

9.  Never make the mistake of drinking from another party guests' glass again with the help from these silly mustache markers. $5.95



10.  Keep your bottled beer icy cold to the very last drop when you insert a chillsner into your favorite brew.  $29.95 

11.  Make friends with this humorous beer monster & he'll be happy to assist you in getting to your brew feverishly fast.  $11.95

12.  If it has anything to do with beer, it is in this book.  A great addition to any beer lover's library. $15.95



13.  Keep track of your favorite reds, whites, drys & sweets with this wine notes journal.  So next time you head to the wine shop, you'll never forget a favorite brand or year again.  $12.99

14.  Chill your wine to the perfect temperature with this pretty and practical corkcicle.  $24.95

15.  Serving wine on the go or at an outdoor event?  Enjoy sipping from an unbreakable glass that feels like your drinking from stemmed glassware.  $14.95 for set of 4


gift ideas for guys who like it HOT


16.  Sneak this bottle of habanero popcorn seasoning with you next time you head to the movies.  Just make sure there's free drink refills first. $3.95

17.  Looking to see what guy in your family can take the most heat?  These four firery sauce bottles will test whose taste buds can tolerate the burn.  $6.95

18.  This chili mix is for the guys who like a little extra kick in their chili.  You might want to pair it with an extra large beer glass to help wash down the heat.  $6.95 - chili   $13.95 - beer glass

gift ideas for guys who can't get enough bacon


19.  Deck the halls with boughs of... bacon?  Yes-sir-ee, we have bacon for your tree.  A must-have addition to any bacon lover's ornament collection.  $7.95

20.  Bacon lovers may never use regular mayonaise on their sandwiches ever again after they try this tasty option.  $6.95

21.  If your guy is riding the bacon bandwagon, these toothpicks would be a great addition to his collection of meat flavored oddities... (like bacon dental floss).  Definitely a fun guys gift that's useful & humorous.  $2.95