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unique gifts for moms who are hard to buy for




1.  Give mom's rings a happy home with this handcrafted pewter heart ring holder.   A great gift idea for moms who remove their rings before they wash dishes or retire for the evening. $17.95

2.  Your mom can keep her hands warm while she sips her favorite coffee or tea in this one of a kind handcrafted hug mug.  Pair it with a bag of her favorite coffee or tea for a truly thoughtful gift.  $21.95

3.  This gurgle pot will bring big grins to all who hear it's merry sound.  It's truly a unique gift for moms of all ages.  Kids and adults alike are amused by this pretty pitchers silly sound. $39.95 (available in many colors)


gift ideas for moms who like to cook


4.  No need to worry about soggy sponges collecting bacteria when mom has this handy fella helping her out.  Each utensil sculpture is hand crafted in the USA and is guaranteed to get grins from family & friends alike. $27.95

5.  Your mom will be amazed by these magical silicone lily pad lids.  They create an air tight seal on any smooth rimmed surface.  Perfect for storing leftovers, keeping food warm or stopping messy splatters. $12.95

6.  Update mom's old measuring spoons with ones that are pretty enough to display.  They make a perfect mother's day gift for moms who enjoy spending time in the kitchen.   $22.95


sentimental gifts for mom


7.  Keep your kids close to your heart with this handcrafted personalized sterling silver necklace. $104.00+

8.  Let mom know how much you love her & help out artisans in Haiti by giving her this hand carved river stone heart. $6.95  (And if you really want to melt mom's heart, wrap this heart in a note that expresses all reasons you love her)

9.  Surprise mom with a framed picture filled with her favorite people... her family. $37.50


pampering gifts for mom


10.  Turn mom's everyday shower into a spa experience with the help from a shower burst.  $3.95 each

11.  The light citrus smell of this all natural lotion awakes the senses as well as softens the skin.  $10.95 (also comes in travel size for $5.95)

12.  Mom will be whisked away to paradise when she slips this relaxing chill pill into her warm bath.  Each chill pill is handmade in California with quality essential oils & is packed in halves for two baths. $7.95


funny gifts for mom


13.  Your mom will get a good chuckle perusing through this hilarious book of odd family photos.  Hopefully this will ward off any future crazy ideas she may try to pull off with you.  $15.00

14.  Kids have sippy cups... why shouldn't mom?  She just gets to fill it with her own juice (aka: wine)  $18.95

15.  This sign is one of our top sellers... probably because it speaks the truth so candidly.  $17.95


gifts for mom from daughter


16.  What mom's heart wouldn't melt if she received this thoughtful magnet from her daughter?  $5.00

17.  Give your mom the opportunity to share her story with you in this beautiful journal.  Inside are questions to prompt some of the best stories of her life.  In the end you'll also get an amazing gift that will be a family treasure. $11.95

18.  Thank mom for all the wonderful memories she has made with you over the years with this hand crafted button bud vase.  Giving this vase is a great way to celebrate what moms do best.  $23.50


gifts for mom from kids


19.  Let mom know that she's simply the best by including a favorite photo with this handmade memory magnet. $10.00

20.  This saying is so simple, but so true.  Remind mom with every cup of coffee how much you love her. $14.95

21.  Ever play the game who loves who more?  Settle the score by giving mom this adorable little box sign as an everyday reminder. $12.95


gift ideas for new moms


22.  That Winnie the Pooh sure was a wise bear!  Celebrate your new love with this gorgeous handmade wood photo box.  It makes a stunning gift for a new mom. $265

23.  Sometimes all it takes is a line to evoke memories that trigger stories you won't want to forget.  Capture those moments in this fantastic five year memory book and you'll be laughing & reminiscing years later.  $16.95

24.  They're only little for so long.  Cherish those first photographs by showcasing them in a handmade frame.  $33.50 (this frame can also be personalized for an additional $3)


gift ideas for moms who like to garden


25.  Mom's flowers will look extra fancy when she adds a colorful plant sparkler to the pot.  These make a great addition to any pot of posies you plan on giving your mother.  $4.95

26.  These felted bird houses are both fabulous and functional!  Any little bird would be lucky to live in such a stylish home.  Plus they're handmade in Nepal in a fair trade workshop and completely green.  $27.95

27.  Oh how time flies when you're working in your garden.  This artisan designed delightful pendulum clock brings a bit of that nature inside. $59.95