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teen gal


gift ideas for teenage girls


1.  Showcase photos, cards or love notes on this stylish & practical photo cable.  This makes a great gift idea for girls who like to decorate their space. $9.95

2.  Magically sharpen all your pencils with help from this handy unicorn!  $6.95

3.  Gotta gal who's gonna change the world... and do it in style?  This cute votive candle celebrates such a spirit.  $5.95




4.  Whoooos sick and tired of plain jane contact lens cases?  This cute owl is just waiting to make friends with your second set of eyes. $5.95

5.  Add splashes of color to your teen's room by adding this magical rainbow maker.  When the sun hits the small solar panel, the crystal begins to rotate creating little bursts of color that dance on your wall.  $27.95

6.  Want to add a little color to your locks but don't want a long term commitment?  Hair chalk was made just for you!  $14.95



7.  Slap on this sweet magnetic dry erase board to fancy up your locker & leave little notes. $9.95

8.  These super smelling hi-liters will make doing homework a little more bearable. $5.95

9.  What mood are you in?  Find out when you slip one of these classic rings on your finger.  $4.00



10.  Make your nails look nifty with this cheerful little manicure kit.  $6.95

11.  Dress up your nails with a little extra sparkle with this blinged out nail kit.  $5.95

12.  Keep your ID, credit card & loose change close by with this embellished key chain wallet. $12.95



13.  Gotta girl that has big plans for her future?  Celebrate her dreams with this inspiring necklace. $13.95 (also is great to include in a card which makes it easy to send through the mail)

14.  These handmade bracelets don't only look lovely; they also help make the world a better place by providing jobs to women in Uganda.  Makes a wonderful gift for teen girls who want to make a difference.  $5.95 each

15.  Join the mustache craze with these sweet little temporary fingerstach tattoos for your.  Great fun for silly party photos.  $6.95