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inspirational gift ideas for women



1.  Remember your happy place by showcasing your favorite filtered photo in a handcrafted magnet frame.  The saying can also be personalized for an additional $3.  $27.95

2.  Celebrate all the little things that make this life so awesome with this inspiring and uplifting read.  $16

3.  What gal couldn't use a little extra luck now & then?  This simple feather necklace slips in a card quite nicely if you want to send a some good fortune to a friend far away. $14.95


handcrafted gifts for women


4.  Keep your rings in plain sight with this pretty pewter heart ring holder handmade in Canada $17.95

5.  And for the rest of your jewelry, give it a happy home on this handcrafted hanging jewelry holder. $49.50

6.  Keep your sponge high and dry with the help of a quirky handcrafted silverware sculpture. $27.95


fun gift ideas for women


7.  It's obvious that artist, Mina Lee knows women well because this is one of our most popular magnets.  $5.00

8.  Everyone has those days where you just need to take your frustration out on something and this funny dammit doll is the perfect friend to vent your feelings.  $13.95

9.  I think the title of this book says it all, don't you?  $16.95


pampering gift ideas for women


10.  Suds up with this sensational handcrafted soap and you'll enjoy scents of lily of the valley, fresh hyacinth and a touch of wisteria to ease you into your morning.  $5.95

11.  Light up the night with the classic scent of vanilla mixed with alluring oak moss.  $9.95 (other soy scented candles also available)

12.  Turn your bathroom into an aromatherapy spa with the help from one of these shower bursts. $4.25


wine gifts for women


13.  Repurpose your favorite wine corks by turning them into a trivet with this handy kit.  $13.95

14.  "There comes a time in the day that no matter what the question... the answer is wine."  This cheeky bar towel says it all doesn't it? $9.95

15. This extra large wine glass holds an entire bottle of your favorite wine!  Makes a funny wine lovers gift & is great for a girls night in, remedy for a crazy stressful day or even a place to collect change. $13.95


gifts for women who like to bake


16.  Remember matryoshka dolls?  These nesting ladies have been transformed into marvelous measuring cups! $13.95

17.  Find cookie recipes from around the world in this jam packed book filled with wonderful treats & color photos too.  $16.95

18.  Who says you can't be a glamorous baker?  Trade in your beat up oven mitt for a faux fur oven glove. $15.95


gifts ideas for women who have everything


19.  Light up your room with the romantic glow of fireflies using this solar powered dream light.  $36.95

20.  Celebrate your family unit by putting them in print.  $21.95 for 8x10 & $38.95 for 11x14

21.  Create an airtight seal that can go from the freezer to the stove to the table.  These magical silicone lids are a must have accessory for any kitchen.  Starting at $8.95 (comes in a variety of sizes & styles)