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poo-pourri original citrus

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What is Poo~Pourri?

Poo-pourri is a blend of all natural essential oils that virtually eliminate bathroom odors. Unlike most air fresheners that try to mask odor, patent-pending poopourri is designed to be sprayed directly onto the toilet bowl water before you use the bathroom. The all natural essential oil secret formula creates a film on the toilet water surface -- effectively trapping embarrassing odors. Flushing releases the odor neutralizing formula into the air, leaving the bathroom citrus fresh.

I can't imagine a more perfect product.  On a first date, weekend getaway to your new beau's beach cottage, or everyday!

This 2 oz. bottle has up to 100 applications.

Product Reviews

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  1. this stuff is the best!

    Posted by Kelly on 12th Jul 2017

    My daughter gave this to me for a laugh, and while the idea is funny, it also works! I hate the smell of sprays like Febreeze, but this has a nice, non-noxious smell that eliminates a poopy odor. So worth the money!

  2. Discreet Ediquette

    Posted by Zoomtiger on 17th Jan 2015

    Times have changed . Now There are Tampon commercials on TV with smiling young girls endorsing the benefits the product. Sexy woman actors promoting blood flow for the Penis to schedule timely erections. And for men,pads to disguise urinary dripping. Also stimulating brassiere commercials for breast support.
    Anal excretion is a universal situation experienced by all, and the odor that comes with it is not commonly mentioned. But the nice looking Scottish actress sitting on a toilet bowl, that in passing dialogue, talks about "skid marks" and stool dumping's and how to prevent the accompanying scent, is handled brilliantly with tongue in cheek humor. The product itself equals the marketing promotion. The use of Poo-Pourri is a self serving convenience and a public courtesy for those who care.

  3. Double take

    Posted by Tuck on 7th Dec 2011

    when in the store, I did a double take of this little bottle. I was cracking up reading it. Very clever so I had to get it to put in my bathroom hoping if anything, that someone got a laugh out of it like I did.

  4. a college dorm room must

    Posted by April on 31st Aug 2009

    It's been a while since my college days, but one thing I can vividly remember is having to share a bathroom with three girls I didn't know. I wish this magical potion was around back then - it definitely beats the smell of that fake ocean breeze air freshener.

  5. a bathroom must-have

    Posted by Courtney on 24th Feb 2009

    Pretty soon I'll be sharing a home with my husband-to-be and I definitely plan on stocking this magical potion in every bathroom. It works like a charm!

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