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some couples are made for each other | love

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Some couples 


Are made for each other

size: 4.25”W x 5.38”H

A little bit about the artist behind these cards, Chris Shea...

From the time I was a little kid, I always had a fascination for words. I used to take the dictionary or an encyclopedia to bed with me to read and peruse with the greatest of joy. Additionally I always loved little drawings, like the kind of illustrations that accompanied paper dolls. Tiny brushes and powder boxes, little slippers and bitty sun glasses. I always called them the "little things."

When my children were toddlers and older, I found that whispering to them during a noisy squabble they were having got their attention far more quickly than shouting did: they had to be quiet to hear what I was saying. In the same way, I believe that the small whispers in our lives often carry the loudest messages.

Sometimes a little ant strolling silently across the kitchen counter with a crumb of cake can be more arresting to watch than a roaring train speeding by. The way a dandelion bravely muscles its way up through the sidewalk can be more arresting than an entire garden can be.

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